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The usage of Gladys app for iOS devices continue working

Gladys is a clipboard management app that syncs to iCloud. It works on both iOS and macOS.

Screenshot of Gladys app

Screenshot of Gladys app

Gladys as a temporary storage

Gladys is like a temporary folder for me to store multiple things and use in other places. It is a swap storage. For example, I may collect multiple images from internet into Gladys and share them together into a single Day One entry.

Collect images into Gladys

Collect images into Gladys

Share data from Gladys to Day One

Share data from Gladys to Day One

Share between iOS and macOS

Another usage is to quickly share information or files between my phone and desktop computer. For example, I can save an attachment from a conversation in WhatsApp into Gladys and then open it in macOS. Of course, if you have the iCloud Drive sync of your desktop, you can share the file into Files app in iPhone and choose location to Desktop. That file will then appear in your macOS’s desktop. But it takes a few more steps than the Gladys solution. Also the sync might not be immediately if there is iCloud Drive sync in progress.

Keep it clean

I have one more tips on using Gladys: to clean the records periodically. Gladys is the temporary place, so it is critical to keep it clean to make it productive. Otherwise it will become messy and unorganized very soon.

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