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The problem of AMP HTML

Now, AMP essentially asks you to build a parallel-universe version of your site that strips out not just anything that’s slow, but anything that might be slow.

AMP tries to do something maybe even more significant: change the way that the web is built, killing off some technologies and advantaging others. In a world of controlled platforms and walled app gardens, the web is the last open space standing, built over two decades, and there’s something irksome about a few Google engineers deciding which parts to ban.

The sample AMP pages on display this morning look a lot like the web of, say, 2002, shrunk down to a phone screen. Like an IE 5.5 emulator.

I think the problem with AMP HTML is that breaks a web page content into two sets. Each article needs to have a normal page and an AMP version.

Why can’t google just extract the content of the article and display it? A reading friendly extraction like Safari readev view, Pocket, Readability.

And if any one think the web today is boring, the AMP move just makes the web pages much more boring because it cuts all the interactive things.

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