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Ruby on Rails

Rails from request to response

I need to draw a chart to explain the flow from a client’s browser sending a request to Rails server. Then Router dispatches the request to Controller. Controller grab data it needs from Model. Finally Rails uses the ERB engine to put together the HTML and data to create an HTML file, which sends back […]

Read Post / 2015-11-10

Accepting Custom Domain in Rails

Link: Adding Support for Custom Domains in Rails There are three main steps necessary for adding custom domain support to your Rails project: Have your users add a CNAME record pointing their domain to yours Update your routes to handle any custom domains. Add the controller logic to find resources using the custom domain For this […]

Read Post / 2015-09-28

Exploring Rails-React

I’m going to explore the Rails-React way to create my next web app. You may call me traditional, but I still don’t think pure client-side frameworkis a good idea. I’m going to use the server to pre-render the React result to the client. When user interacts on the web app. If the client is capable to run ReactJS […]

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