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“Capture and share” shortcut

In this “Shortcut” category, I share useful shortcut that I found or created. In my daily workflow, I often need to quickly capture my thoughts and file them into my daily system. I have three shortcuts for this purpose. The first one is the “Dictate and Share” shortcut. The second one is Draw and Share […]

Read Post / 2019-01-10

The usage of Gladys app for iOS devices continue working

Gladys is a clipboard management app that syncs to iCloud. It works on both iOS and macOS. Gladys as a temporary storage Gladys is like a temporary folder for me to store multiple things and use in other places. It is a swap storage. For example, I may collect multiple images from internet into Gladys […]

Read Post / 2018-12-31

Productivity apps that I use every day

Every day I use several apps and workflows to empower my work. Bear app is the master of everything. I store all notes and project files there. I organize all notes into nested tags, e.g. `#worldskills/2019/competition-week`, `#inspirations/typography`. A note can belong to different tags. This is a many-to-many structure alongside the 1-to-many structure between nested tags. This […]

Read Post / 2018-06-03

Fake productivity

It’s so easy with the kinds of tools we now have to get the feeling of productivity, the sensation of productivity, without having to actually accomplish anything of merit or anything that we might actually find meaningful at the end of the day. — Jocelyn K. Glei, Offscreen 19 interview.

Read Post / 2018-05-10

Features that new 53 Paper app breaks in version 4

There are some features that used to be good in FiftyThree Paper app but is now removed or broken. 1. 3D Touch app icon to quick new canvas/text/camera. I believe this is a bug FiftyThree team forgot to take care during the latest 4.0 updates. 2. View next and previous page in a journal in […]

Read Post / 2018-02-24

Coding Rails app with iPad and Cloud9

Almost there. I used iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard yesterday to scaffold a rails application with cloud9 web IDE. Almost there to make C9 fully works in iPad. Just come minor issues. What works: Editor, except arrow keys and text selection. Terminal, for all git, heroku and Files operations. Navigation panel, for opening files without […]

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Working on iPad is more focus

Using iPad is more focus than using macOS, thanks to the nature of app-based environment vs. window-based environment. Moreover, Mac has so many background processes that are running and thus sometimes make the main application not fast response enough, even with an i7 core.  For iPad, especially iPad Pro, the iOS is so fine-tuned that […]

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