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Two Focus sessions per day.

10 years ago when I was starting my game development company, I used the Pomodoro technique®. The key point there is to boost for 25 minutes of focus work and then break for 5 minutes. The theory is that we can only focus for 25 minutes before our energy is too low and get distracted. […]

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My 2010s Review

A conclusion of my last 10 years. This is the last month of the decade. Let me take some time to round up my last 10 years. Here are the highlights. Began my book writing e-Learning and MakClass Building my own productivity and knowledge system. Coming back to WorldSkills skill 17 Got married and built […]

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“Capture and share” shortcut

In this “Shortcut” category, I share useful shortcut that I found or created. In my daily workflow, I often need to quickly capture my thoughts and file them into my daily system. I have three shortcuts for this purpose. The first one is the “Dictate and Share” shortcut. The second one is Draw and Share […]

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The problem of AMP HTML

Link: Get AMP’d: Here’s what publishers need to know about Google’s new plan to speed up your website Now, AMP essentially asks you to build a parallel-universe version of your site that strips out not just anything that’s slow, but anything that might be slow. AMP tries to do something maybe even more significant: change the […]

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Saying No

This week, the page Product strategy means saying No from Intercom is popular. Saying no is hard, but a great product manager isn’t afraid to make tough decisions to keep their product bloat-free. This reminds me the famous quote from Steve Jobs: “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not […]

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Say — Text-to-Speech Command in OSX

The text-to-speech function in Mac OSX works in command line too. A simple say command with a string provided: $ say “Thank you for calling us. We are currently unavailable to take your call. Please leave us a message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.” We can control the speaking rate in […]

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Get focus tips—Unplug the A/C Power

I’m using a technique to boost my efficiency within 2 hours to get things done. The method is to unplug the A/C power of my notebook. The principle is to let the battery become the count down timer for the task that you are working on. The goal is to finish the task on hand […]

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