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Portrait upside down

iPhone 6 Plus introduces an iPad-like orientation setting—home screen can be used in all 4 orientations, including portrait upside-down. I think the app developer may consider adding the iPad orientation rules in their iPhone app. The rule is that any app have to at least support 2 orientations, particularly for portrait app, they need to support portrait upside-down because this is just as nature as holding iPad without worrying where the home button.

Holding iPhone 6 plus in upside-down orientation

One more benefit is that your user can then use your app while charging their iPhone. For example, I like to keep my iPhone screen on to show my today’s task list. I need to plug the cable and place the iPhone upside-down on the stand.

Charging iPhone with upside-down orientation

Published on 2015-02-16. More articles like this: App Development, iOS Development.

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